Clothing Exchange Rules

What to Swap

  • Garments clean and folded or pressed, not pilled, stained or pongy
  • Garments likely to be valued by others, and no longer your favourites, you must be emotionally detached!
  • Free of faults or with minor faults that are easy to repair (E.g. A missing button)
We cannot exchange:
  • Garments that are pilled, pongy or straying too far from perfect. 
  • Undergarments, swimwear, tracksuits or anything polar fleece

How to Swap

  • Swap up to 5 garments or accessories
  • You swap one-for-one garment  (and we use buttons to keep track of this transaction)
  • We screen garments at the door to uphold the quality for everyone
  • This check-in process can take up to 30 minutes at the start of each exchange event
  • We open the event so everyone starts at once to ensure a fair swap
  • You can take up to 3 garments to try at any one time so that everyone has a chance at a successful swap
  • Once you have your lovely new Wardrobe, proceed to the check-out to ‘pay’ for it with your buttons