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Essential Gift Packs

Buy an Essential Gift Pack for a friend or family! Help us to provide food, accommodation and education essentials for our students...  and avoid the clutter of unwanted gifts. We will send a gift card on your behalf in recognition of your support.

How to buy

To purchase gift packs please pay through Give Now, and email donations@buildproject.org with details of your transaction, the recipient's name and address, and your message. 

Prices are in Australian Dollars.

Sample gift card

Learning for the future
Education materials for a student for one term

Our students are eager to make up the gaps in their education caused by political circumstances, migration and separation from their family. As well as teaching key subject areas, we help students to develop analytical thinking skills and take the lead in setting and achieving their personal development goals, so that they can continue to learn well into the future. Donate to help us provide books, printed materials and stationery to support our students' learning.


Looking good!
Uniform or casual clothes pack


A neat and tidy appearance is not something that comes naturally to all young people. For our students, though, it is essential if they are to avoid trouble with the authorities. Help us ensure that students have enough clothes and shoes in good repair, and a smart IAPS uniform. A uniform pack includes school shoes, shirts, skirts or trousers, and a tie for the boys. A casual clothes pack includes sports or leisure clothes, such as shorts and t-shirts, and a practical pair of shoes.

Get online
Internet connectivity for our computer lab


Our computer lab helps to ensure that students at IAPS can access high-quality online education opportunities, and build experience in working with technology. The IAPS curriculum provides a structured framework for them to learn computer skills which will open doors for them. Students also explore issues relating to use of the internet, critical analysis of sources, safe and responsible use of the internet, and the internet's impact on society and communities. Buy this pack to fund our internet access and computer lab electricity for one month.

Winter warmth
A blanket, warm jacket and trousers


For those of us from cooler climes, it's hard to imagine that people can get cold in Thailand. But in the mountainous North, winter really can be chilly for those who live there. Help us provide a warm blanket, a winter jacket and a pair of trousers to keep our students toasty through the winter months.

Cooking with gas
Feed our students for one week


Providing three tasty, nutritious meals each day is no easy task. But that is the challenge we have set our students, who are on their way to becoming expert chefs! Working in rostered teams, students are learning to plan, cost and provide a varied menu for the week. This pack provides fresh, healthy food, clean drinking water and cooking gas. It also enables the students to learn vital skills for the future.

A home from home
Pay the rent and bills for one month


Most of our students were forced to leave their family home some years ago, and many have since lived in overcrowded and unhealthy conditions. At IAPS, the students have a clean, spacious home and garden which they have helped to create, and which they maintain with great pride. We ensure that we have a strong and nurturing school community where volunteers take time to get to know students and act as mentors. By paying our bills and the rent for one month you can help us continue to provide a safe and caring home for our students.