A New Home for IAPS

New premises will provide the IAPS community with the additional space we need.

The grounds of the new IAPS premises are large enough for a dedicated classroom to help our students learn more effectively. With help from local tradesmen, we are building an outhouse in the traditional style, to be used as a classroom.

A space to learn and grow


Just $50 will help our students create a spacious, dedicated classroom.

To date IAPS classes have been held in a central, open-plan living area, surrounded by the kitchen and school office. In the new learning space, students will be able to study without the distractions of household activities going on around them. This will mean fewer interruptions to lessons, and students will be able to study more effectively outside class hours.

The classroom is a large space which will also be useful for community activities and fundraising events.

Student-led project planning

Students are taking an active role in the project, putting into practice the planning and problem-solving skills they have been developing. Our construction project is employing local tradesmen and making use of local, traditional building practices.

Support our students

Please show your support - make a donation. A donation of just $50 is a significant contribution to the costs of building materials and tradesmen.