IAPS Outcomes


Of the 12 students who commenced the IAPS program, 9 were able to complete the full two year program and graduate successfully. Given the financial and social pressures experienced by many students' families, this successful outcome is a testament to the dedication of our students and the hard work and support provided by the volunteers who worked with them.

Of these graduates, the majority are actively engaged in improving the day-to-day lives of people in their communities.


The IAPS two year training program was successfully delivered entirely by volunteers on the modest budget secured through private donations.

    • Excellent retention rate of 75%

    • All graduates have attained jobs of higher status and greater community value than would otherwise have been open to them

    • One graduate received a coveted scholarship to attend a Thai university

    • Successfully delivered a wide range of subjects responding to students' interests and needs, providing a well rounded program of education which is highly regarded in the local community

    • Female graduates are successfully pursuing and excelling in non-traditional disciplines

    • Over 30 volunteers contributed to students' learning, well-being and development

    • A number of graduates are actively investigating opportunities to deliver community-development education programs in Myanmar

Future Steps

Since 2012, a political shift has been occurring in Burma. This has given rise to new opportunities for young people to participate in education and development initiatives within their home country.

Several IAPS graduates are enthusiastic to apply the learning and approaches they gained at IAPS to assist young people and their communities in Burma. Organisations we have met with in Yangon indicate that there is a groundswell for change driven by civil society. The Build Project is now focusing on supporting these young people to achieve their goals of assisting young people and their communities within Burma.