Our Vision

The Build Project Australia is a non-profit organisation working with young people from Burma. Our aim is to enable them to develop skills for life and work, with the following objectives:

    • Help communities to help themselves by nurturing skills and best practice for leadership and community building

    • Enable motivated and driven young people to improve their life chances

    • Tackle educational disadvantage and build skills for independent thinking and lifelong learning

The Build Project believes everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Why the Build Project Australia?

The Build Project was founded by AF and SW in 2009.

During a university placement in Mae Sot in 2008, working at the high school run by Dr Cynthia's Mae Tao Clinic, AF was impressed by the determination shown by her Year 12 students to make the most of the education and opportunities available to them, despite the enormous constraints of political and social circumstances. Learning more about the students' ambitions and how these were limited by their fragmented and restricted education, AF saw the need for a training programme which would help them develop skills relevant to their circumstances and to their goals.

On return to Melbourne, AF shared her proposal with SW and a group of advisors drawn from non-profit and business, many of whom have direct knowledge of the situation in Mae Sot. With the continued support and input of this broad-based group, and with on-going consultation with the original group of high-school students, The Build Project Australia was established in 2009 and the two-year training programme in Mae Sot commenced in August 2010.

The Build Project is based in Melbourne, Australia. It is a non-profit Incorporated Association registered in Victoria (Australia), and is a registered Income Tax Exempt organisation.