Want to Help?

When you support the Build Project Australia, you can be sure your donation will be used directly to help provide food, education, a safe home and a brighter future for the students we work with.

Donations from individuals and businesses are essential at this early stage in the organisation's life. Please consider making a donation through Give Now to support our work.

Buy an Essentials Gift Pack for a friend or relative. Avoid the clutter of unwanted gifts, and help to provide food, accommodation, education and other essentials for our students.

Buy beautiful Karma Lights as gifts or for your own home - and enjoy the warm glow of knowing your purchase helps the Build Project Australia's work.

How we can use your donation

We are able to achieve great things with little financial backing, thanks to the hard work and diligence of the students, the dedication of volunteers in Melbourne and Mae Sot, and the generosity of businesses who donate goods and services.

    • $25 provides classroom materials for one student for a term.

    • Our students are avid learners who wait eagerly for their turn to read a new book, and who will stay up late into the night doing their homework. Help us feed their passion for education by providing printed materials, USB sticks, books for the library and stationery.

    • $40 feeds one student for one month.

    • Hunger and malnutrition are common amongst the people from Burma who live in Thailand. We ensure that our students have a good, wholesome food on the table 3 times a day.

    • $50 ensures clean drinking water for all students for one month.

    • Access to safe drinking water is crucial to avoid the preventable illnesses which are commonplace on the Thai-Burma border.

    • $85 provides toiletries, personal items, washing powder and clothes for a student for one year.

    • Our students have little to no access to money, even small amounts. In order to access to the basic personal care items to ensure their health and dignity we supply them a monthly pack of essential personal items. We also provide them with a school uniforms, footwear and ensure that they have a few changes of casual clothes which are in good repair.

    • $600 pays the rent and utilities bills for the school and boarding house for one month, providing students with a safe, clean home and place to learn.

Amounts are in Australian Dollars

If you would like to support our work in other ways, please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more!