Want to Study?

At the Institute of Academic and Practical Studies (IAPS) in Mae Sot, Thailand, we offer a two-year program of study for a small number of young people from Burma. Learning Outcomes

This programme aims to give students the skills and confidence to find better opportunities for themselves. We hope that the IAPS It should provide positive and wider life choice options students, should they:

    • stay in Mae Sot or other parts of Thailand

    • enter the camp system

    • resettle in a third country

    • return to Burma.

The programme and the curriculum at IAPS is designed to help students:

    • improve their general education

    • build skills in critical thinking and in planning their own learning

    • share knowledge and ideas effectively

    • learn how to lead others and run projects which will help their communities

    • gain experience in working as a team to solve problems and make decisions

    • work effectively with people and groups from other countries and other ethnic groups

    • develop practical skills for work and improved life chances

IAPS is an English immersion environment and lessons are taught in English.

Entrance to the program

To ensure a high standard of education and experience, there is a strict limit on the number of places offered. Applications from married students and those with children are welcomed.

Basic criteria

We anticipate that all students participating in the program will:

    • be a Burmese migrant aged 17-23 (age criteria may be waived in exceptional cases)

    • have completed high-school education to Year 10

    • have a sufficient level of English to participate fully in the programme

    • demonstrate a desire to improve their level of education

    • be motivated to help others in their community

    • have the ability to work as part of a team, and share responsibilities and decision-making

    • be prepared to build positive relationships with people from other countries and ethnic groups

Application process

IAPS is not currently able to accept applications. The next intake will commence in August 2012.

The application process includes a written English test and an interview in English to ensure that students are a good match for the programme.

Student Responsibilities

Students must pass regular assessments to remain in the programme.

The programme is residential and will provide housing, meals and necessary spaces to study, eat and have leisure time. Boarding houses will be overseen and managed by local workers and volunteer youth workers. If there are exceptional circumstances and the student is unable to board, they will still have access to school meals and activities.

All students will be expected to:

    • Participate in projects and activities at IAPS and in the surrounding community.

    • Speak only English while they are at IAPS.

    • Help with daily chores, general maintenance and cleanliness of their boarding house and surrounds.

    • Take an active role in learning and in applying what they learn within IAPS and in the community.

    • Contribute to discussions and making decisions as one of the group, or on behalf of the group of students.

    • Take a turn at acting as head boy or girl if they are nominated.

    • Take part in extra-curricular activities, such as community projects, sport, music and art.

Read the page How it Works to learn more.