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Please note - As from September 2012 until further notice we will not be recruiting new volunteers for our operations in Thailand. Young people from Burma living in Thailand need your help to build skills, build community and build a future.The young people we work with are full of ideas for smart solutions which will help them and their communities. But they need outside help to make their vision a reality. Many of the students have experienced a life of instability, ordeals which have forced them to leave their homeland, and now face a life of disadvantage as displaced people who are denied basic rights. Through education and training, they aim to make the most of the opportunities that are available to them, and help to play a positive role within the community of people from Burma living in Thailand. The Build Project Australia is a grassroots non-profit run entirely by volunteers. We are independent and not affiliated with any religious or ethnic group. By joining us you can help these resilient and determined young people achieve a future that would otherwise be impossible. Volunteer in Thailand

We need experienced people to work in a range of roles at the Institue of Academic and Practical Studies in Mae Sot (IAPS). Read about Volunteering at IAPS to learn how the programme works, and for more details on our requirements and the application process. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at volunteer@buildproject.org.Opportunities

If you're interested in helping out, please Apply to Volunteer.Volunteer in Melbourne

Our fundraising and co-ordination activities are based in Melbourne, Australia. We need volunteers who are based in Melbourne (or who can work remotely, if appropriate) to assist in a range of activities. As well as the ongoing activities below, we also need casual helpers who can assist with fundraising events and one-off tasks.


    • Volunteer Manager to help ensure that volunteers get the support and resources they need. Can you help us with recruitment, orientation or volunteer management?

    • Curriculum Advisor to assist with developing module outlines and guidance for volunteer teachers and to source teaching materials.

    • Grant Submissions Writer to seek out grant opportunities, create and submit grant applications

    • Fundraising / Events Co-ordinator to plan fundraising activities and co-ordinate fundraising events

    • Accountant to assist with bookkeeping, setting budgets, financial reporting, and financial planning

    • Website maintenance, including content editing and intranet administration (Google Apps)

If you're interested in helping out, either as a committed volunteer or as a casual helper, please fill out the Prospective Volunteer Information form, even if you are't sure exactly which role would be the right fit for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: volunteer@buildproject.org

Please note - As from September 2012 until further notice we will not be recruiting new volunteers for our operations in Thailand.